4 Easy & Honest SEO Mistakes Your Website Could Be Penalized by That

ComputerNo body gets a site penalty on-purpose. Occasionally it occurs through neglect through black hat techniques and, often, through honest SEO errors.

I’ve watched four such mistakes happen recently. These sites honestly attempted to follow SEO best practices, nevertheless they were disciplined. Why? All is explained by I’ll.

It’s worth remembering that I published this short article based on an actual-life-experience, so this isn’t cake-in-the-sky principle. Each position that I examine below is associated with a genuine life problem that was position. Each example that I examine is related a real life internet business. (However, firm facts have now been modified to protect their identities.)

A Disclaimer: if you discover any factors of relationship between your website as well as the illustrations, don’t panic. Millions of websites have affiliate programs. Cozy connections are engaged in by numerous organizations. Because you discuss a commonality doesn’t mean that you’re careening for a fee.

1. Link- Company Relationships that are Leveraged
The situation discussed: Several businesses produce interactions with different corporations. Of cementing the connection as a means, the businesses supply to create links together as a way to boost SEO and clickthrough traffic.

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