Analytical Chemistry Laboratory “Commitment To Excellence”

Our titanium supplier utilizes a monitored quality program that includes quality control and quality assurance measures and methods.  These measures and methods are directed by the on-site analytical laboratory and comply with the practices and methods described by ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 Guidelines.  Our company is continuing its efforts and will soon be ISO Certified!

Highly accurate and timely chemical composition analysis is achieved by utilizing Our company exhaustive inventory of N.I.S.T.-traceable certified reference materials coupled with its on-site full-equipped analytical chemistry laboratory such as:

Highly accurate Atomic Absorption (AA) Spectrophotometer capable of analyzing a wide spectrum of elements sequentially in a large array of alloy types with little chemical interferences.

High-throughput and highly accurate LECO Carbon/ Sulfur/ Oxygen/ Nitrogen Determinators using ISO-compliant and industry proven combustion analysis techniques to provide carbon and sulfur composition as well as oxygen and nitrogen simultaneously.

ARL Optical Emission Spark Spectrometer (OES) with its unmatched reliability and reproducibility is capable of analyzing up to 20 elements simultaneously in iron, nickel, and cobalt based alloys and metals.   This instrument can reliably detect concentration ranges from trace amounts to reference ranges within a one to two minute testing time.

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