How many attempts does it take for you to herd your brood out of the house in the morning? As you steer everyone toward the door, a small voice says, “I forgot my lunch.” You go back, finding the stray lunch bag on the kitchen counter. On your second time out, someone else pipes up, “Where are my library books?” A short search locates them under the sofa. You try a third time, only to hear the words, “I left my homework on the dining room table.” This can go on for days! Some mornings seem like a comedy of errors – the Three Stooges in miniature. But it’s not particularly funny when you find yourself running 45 minutes behind, the kids have missed the bus, and you have to drive them to school. Now they are going to be late for class, your schedule is thrown off for the day, and everyone is in a bad mood. How can you prevent this scenario from repeating itself over and over again?

The key is to set up a “launching pad” – a table, chair, basket, or other container located near the door. When your children gather up their school supplies the night before, have them place their book bags at the “launching pad.”  This is recommended by all professional organizers.

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