Gator’s Byte – Taking a Byte Out of Search Engines

We must say a word of warning before we start our top 10. These ranking are The Gator’s own humble opinions and you may agree or disagree but isn’t that what makes life fun? Also spots 10-8 may not be as well known as some others but once again my show, my rules.

A couple of sites you won’t see here especially from most SEO experts and why. Magellan. If you can’t directly submit to it you can’t control your ranking therefore it’s not worth ranking. Open Text isn’t here either. Any engine that goes down for half of 97 ain’t down with the Gator. Perhaps in our next ranking we’ll give it a look. I’ll also welcome any other sites you really like that I have missed in my next ranking.

At number 10 we have Jayde Online. The folks at Jayde have worked very hard to build relationships within the business and they have also added the feature of awards to their constant search engine.

At number 9 we find Metroscope. This is a city directory which limits it to US sites only for now but I have always felt it very important to represent yourself hard in your own back yard. And Metroscope lets you do that.

At number 8 we find InfoSpace. Like Jayde it has done an excellent job of marketing itself. It’s a solid directory that continues to grow in popularity and has found a niche for itself.

Now at this point we have reached number 7. For the next 3 picks it’s like flipping a coin to decide which falls where. These picks are personal and as such these engines don’t see the Gator very often except on research missions so they are missing something and thus the lower ranking.

Number 7 is HotBot. This engine not only has a more awkward ranking style but it forces you to load images to navigate, submit or search. HotBot has potential but the downside is too large right now.

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