Making a List After Surgery

In addition you will need a walker or crutches to use before you are allowed 100% weight bearing. Usually these are provided at the hospital where the physical therapy department will instruct you on their proper use.

I’m often asked what activities I’m allowed to do after back pain. Only sky diving and bunging jumping were completely ruled-out, but I was told to avoid recreational, competitive sports such as basketball and to not “overdo” activities such as cycling. Regardless of what the patient is allowed by their doctor, there is no avoiding that hard use accelerates wear. It is often said that the lifetime of an implant should be measured in “miles” rather than years. So as you would with a new set of tires, you might consider some common sense ways to avoid excessive wear on the implant(s). The following are presented as suggestions without being scientifically proven:

  • Avoid stairs
    Stair climbing can exert a force of three times your body weight on your hips. The total force measured on descending stairs is actually slightly higher than ascending.
  • Avoid running and jogging
    Jogging can exert a force of five to six times your body weight on your hips, and stumbling during during jogging was measured at a force of seven times body weight.
  • Try heel cushions in shoes
    These can be purchased at sporting good stores or shoe stores. The inserts will reduce the impact of each heel strike and may cushion the blow to your knee and hip joints. Air soled shoes such as Nike “Air” or New Balance “Shock Abzorb” could also be used.
  • Wear soft-soled shoes
    Dress shoe brands such as Clarks, Rockport and Ecco have soft soles and help absorb shock. I have a pair of Clarks that are really comfortable.
  • Maintain upper body strength
    Using your upper body strength to lift yourself from a chair, help pull yourself up from the floor or similar motions may save some wear on your hips.

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