Quick tips to attract Search Engine Spiders


Catching the attention of search engine spiders is an all-consuming goal for SEO experts
1. <Meta> tags are really important. Well yes and no. Some spiders use them, others don’t. Just make sure the words in your tag actually appear on your page! many full time intern Etters. If you don’t have time to study this arcane science in depth, here’s a few tips to help you out.

2. <Title> Use your most important 4 or 5 keywords in the title. Just string them into a short sentence.


3. <Description> A very important tag as many search Engines show this as the page summary. Make it compelling. About 35-40 words.

4. <H1> Every page should have a heading containing your keywords. Heading text is generally assigned higher weighting for relevance.

5. <! –Comment–> Create comment tags containing your important keywords. Put them at the top of the page.

6. <ALT> Make the most of your images. Use the ALT tag to reinforce your keywords.

7.Is your logo a graphic? Make sure your company name is in the ALT tag!

8. <Body> This is where you get creative. Build keyword rich copy that sells your customer!

9.Log files, check the search phrases people are using to find your pages. Build in the missing keywords.

10.Refine. A well ranked page will not happen without close attention to detail. Build on success. If it isn’t working, start over.

11.I know, I know. But this is important! Name your page with your TOP KEYWORD! ***!***!***!



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